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Best Secured Credit Card 2018 India

 What is a secure card? The name suggests that a safe credit card is secured by collateral or the user has kept the bank for approval of the card. Such a credit card is one of the best options for people without credit. This helps you create secure credit card credits and then apply for a regular credit card. These credit cards offer the chance to have a bad credit history or bad credit history to repurchase their credit. Once you have a good credit rating, you can apply for a regular credit card. Banks often raise the credit limit of people with extra payment behavior, without the need for additional security deposits.


This increased credit line also grows on the total credit score. What tasks are associated with a secure card? Secured credit cards work like regular credit cards but there are some responsibilities. For example, these cards require cash deposit. This is because the bank wants to ensure that individuals pay their debts completely within time. Credit to people with bad credit history or credit history is a potential risk for banks. For this reason, they need collateral money from cardholders.


Reduces the risk of cash banks because the outstanding amount by the cardholder has not been approved or not paid. You can use collateral for compensation for any damage. What is the difference between a secured credit card and a prepaid credit card? Prepaid credit cards are similar to prepaid debit cards. Depending on your efforts, you will need a certain amount of money in your bank account and you can use prepaid cards to spend the maximum amount.


These prepaid credit cards are considered a good option because they do not need a credit check. However, they can not be used as a credit instrument because they do not bring long term benefits. Applying for a secure card: It is quick and easy to apply for a secure credit card, because banks simply check your credit history and do not ask for additional information. You only have to complete formalities like documenting and depositing collateral based on your expenses and special needs, and you are ready to go.


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However, while choosing a secure credit card, there are some important factors to consider: Benefits: Each credit card is different because it complies with its lending bank's various customer policies. You should choose the card carefully which will give you the maximum benefit according to your needs. These discounts can be anything until bonus points. The choice of the best card depends on you. Credit Limit: It's always good to start with a mid-level credit limit because it offers one-off collateral and similar monthly payments.


A large line of credit does not mean that you can easily pay monthly. Starting with a normal credit limit, you can better manage it. Gradually increase your credit limit. For example, you can increase your credit line with your monthly income. Banks value the borrower with better payment behavior, and sometimes they increase the credit limit automatically, without the need of additional collateral. Terms and conditions: Eligibility criteria for a secured credit card will be based on the bank's policy. Some banks charge a minimal amount indicated on their bank account, while others seek a deposit from the bank. Deposits act as collateral here and if you can not remove your responsibilities, then it can be used to meet the remaining balance remaining.


Features of Secure Card: Secure credit card is a good tool for people with bad credit and for the first time a person applying for a credit card. Some of his important tasks make the choice of choice for these two individuals. For your future easy reference, these features of a secured credit card are listed below. Secured credit cards do not require additional requests from your credit history.


It makes choice decisions for people taking loans for themselves. Accepted methods are quick and easy for secure cards because banks are already risk-free to accept deposits from borrower. Most banks report loan collateral to their credit card. This means information about your credit line and payment